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You too can have your very own Great Lakes HamCon vinyl window sticker to place on your rear window of your vehicle to show your support for the Great Lakes HamCon!


These stickers are made of high quality weather resistant vinyl that readily adheres to the outside of automotive glass, yet is easily removable without leaving a trace (other than a clean spot!) The sticker adhesive is such that the sticker can be removed a time or two in order to get it positioned properly without damage to the sticker. Repositioning is best done when the weather and the glass surface are warm and be careful to avoid stretching the vinyl during reposition. The best plan is to position it carefully the first time. It is not advisable to put the sticker on back glass in the path of a wiper blade. Rear window defrosters have not shown to be a problem thus far.


How do you get one of these?


Simply send an #10 SASE to



71 Oakdale Lane,

Coldwater, MI 49036.