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Plans for the 2nd round

The 2018 2nd Annual Great Lakes Ham Convention will be back at Michigan International Speedway on October 6 & 7, 2018.

We have reviewed the problems that we experienced in year one (if your first try didn’t bring problems to light, then you were not thinking big enough!) and have improvements planned to enhance the 2018 effort.

Planned Improvements include:

  • 50% larger Flea Market spaces at no price increase
  • Adding a Sunday only ticket
  • Improved food services – more locations, more variety
  • Additional areas for guests to get off their feet for a bit of rest
  • Enhanced camping at Graves Farm Campground
  • Campground open to anyone who would like to enjoy the excellent campground at MIS
  • Friday night BBQ at Graves Farm Campground being planned
  • Improved Signage for Forums and Meeting Rooms and Restrooms
  • Improved parking
  • Improved gate ticket sales process
  • Open more restrooms.
  • Sales tax rules for out of state commercial vendors improved
  • Free VE Testing (courtesy of Livingston ARK)
  • Michigan ARRL State Convention
  • Wouff Hong Ceremony (if demand exists)
  • Enhanced Banquet in Champions Club with improved food variety
  • Possible Pace Car rides around the MIS track.
  • Not new, but Free Parking and NO mud!

We are already hard at work on improving the areas where we fell short last year. Planning and carrying out an event of this size is not an easy task and we learn as we go along. We appreciate your patience.